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Laser Stretch Mark Removal Before and After

There are thousands of before and after photos of laser stretch mark removal that you can see online. Just by seeing the number of results, you will realize how many women (and sometimes men) are affected with this embarrassing skin occurrence.

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks or striae are scars or tears in the skin’s collagen fibers. They are a result of hormonal changes, such as puberty and pregnancy, as well as sudden weight gain.

The most common parts of the body where stretch marks are found are the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, and breasts. Typically, the laser stretch mark removal before and after photos show these affected body parts.

Before and After Pictures of Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Having your own stretch mark laser removal before and after images is avoidable.
By eating a well-balanced diet, keeping your weight from gaining rapidly, and taking care of your skin.

Nevertheless, only a low percentage can really prevent having to deal stretch mark issues, since the skin scarring is almost inevitable, especially to pregnant women.

Many women, and even men, suffer from this because of sudden changes in weight and hormonal imbalance.
If this is the case, then you can resort to have laser treatments to remove stretch marks.

Reducing Stretch Marks with Laser Treatment

There are many kinds of laser treatments that can help remove your stretch marks.
Some procedures are effective in certain types of striae, while others are not.

Here’s a before and after example of laser treatment.
See how the stretch marks “fade away”?

laser stretch mark removal before and after

Most of the time, laser treatments are not really painful, although people with low pain threshold might experience a little discomfort during the treatment. The good thing about laser treatment is that it does not require anesthesia and has little to no downtime in the part of the patient.

All in all, if you have the unsightly scars called stretch marks, you can take chance and try the available laser treatments. Who knows, maybe you will be able to contribute your own laser stretch mark removal before and after photos to health sites.
Hence, you will be another living proof that laser treatment can be an effective way to remove stretch marks.